About the OJHL

Each year the OJHL HOF will induct up to five (5) individuals from either the Original Era and other Leagues or Modern Era in several categories.

Nominees can be put fourth by a nomination form (accessible here) or by the OJHL HOF Selection Committee in any of the Categories.

Inductee selections will be made and approved by the Selection Committee comprised of seven people all of whom have passion and knowledge of the OJHL, it's history and an understanding of the structure of hockey in Ontario and Canada.

The Selection Committee will be comprised of individuals from Hockey Hall of Fame, Ontario Media, OJHL Foundation, OJHL Staff and OJHL Board of Governors.


The OJHL Hall of Fame has three categories consisting of Player, Builder and Award of Distinction which can be a Player, Coach, Builder, member of the Media, Trainer, Athletic Therapist or Volunteer.  Nominees can come from three distinct areas that include the Original Era and other Leagues, Modern Era or have played in the Central Jr. B Hockey League in which teams have a lineage to the current members of the OJHL.

Original Era and other Leagues consists of the following leagues:  Southern Ontario Junior Hockey League (SOJHL) 1970 -1977, Ontario Provincial Junior Hockey League (OPJHL) 1972 - 1987, Metro Junior A Hockey League (MetJHL) 1991 - 1998 and the Central Junior A Hockey League (CJAHL) 1992-1993.

Modern Era consists of the following: Ontario Provincial Junior Hockey League (OPJHL) 1993 - 2008, Ontario Junior A Hockey league, (OJAHL) and Central Canadian Hockey League (CCHL) 2009-2010, Ontario Junior Hockey League (OJHL) 2010 - Present.

A special category consists of the Central Junior B Hockey League (CJBHL) 1954 - 1993 where hockey franchises that have a lineage to the current OJHL franchises will be eligible for an OJHL HOF Award of Distinction.


Since the OJHL is the preeminent and dominate junior A league in Ontario today it is felt that the league should honour the individual history of all leagues in Ontario that got us to this point as well as the current OJHL teams who have history and played in the CJBHL.  Additionally, anyone during the period who played in the CJBHL prior to 1992-1993 would be eligible for a HOF Award of Distinction.  All other leagues would be eligible for all OJHL HOF induction awards including the HOF Award of Distinction.

League who’s players will have eligibility for OJHL HOF:

Original Era and other Leagues

        • SOJHL 1970 – 1977
        • OPJHL 1972 – 1987
        • MetJHL 1991 – 1998 (OJHL Lineage)
        • CJBHL 1954 - 1992 (OJHL Lineage) *
        • CJAHL 1992 - 1993 (Pilot Junior A Season)

Modern Era

        • OPJHL 1993 - 2008 (CJAHL Changed name to OPJHL in 1993)
        • OJHL 2008 - Present (OPJHL Changed name to OJHL in 2008)

* OJHL HOF Award of Distinction Only


The inaugural induction with launched the OJHL HOF took place on May 10, 2024 with a live launch and celebrated the  history and excellence of the OJHL during the Centennial Cup National Junior A Championship hosted by the Oakville Blades at Sixteen Mile Sports Complex.

After the inaugural event the OJHL HOF timelines will begin at the start of each OJHL season in September with an announcement opening up nominations for induction year into the OJHL Hall of Fame.  Nomination forms are available here.

Nominations will be open up until the end of November each year.  The OJHL HOF Selection Committee will meet in the middle of December each year to discuss the nominations.

Selections will be announced starting in January with completion of an updated website and awards to be done in April of each year.